bad reason to start writing (again)

Maret 26, 2010

I have had a light head trauma. It started last week, my scooter crashed and my head hit the road, literally. Lost my conscience for about 3 hours,  and it is still quite hard to remember the whole story prior to the accident.

Anyway, one of the effects of the concussion was my diminishing ability to think perpetually. It was too tiresome. I felt dizzy every time I started to think hard….See, there, it happens again.

Gosh, now I know, for me, writing these unimportant lines should be considered a hard thinking job. Hhh, I envy people that can easily write everything that jump on their minds.

But then again, it’s all about getting used to it, right? So, starting from now on, writing unimportant things, no matter how unimportant they are, will be my daily — or make it monthly — activities!

and it begins with this writing.


in the anticlimactic life

Juni 3, 2009

Loads of Harry Potter fans, including myself at the moment, were hoping for another story after the seventh book, a kind of alternate version of Potter in the future.. we  surely missed them — Harry, Hermione, Ron, D-army..

But then I realized that it can never be made. It would have been lame to read the next book, if there were such a thing, cause then it would be anticlimactic.

A lot of TV series were great movies at first, but they became dull after their 100th-episode because the makers just didn’t know when to stop..and continued the story even after the climax.  The ambition to succeed more and more, has made them forget sometimes in the state they were in at that time.

And it is – more or less – similar to this real day-to-day story of ours.

We often pass certain peaks in life, and due to greediness  we forget to stop — just for a while to reach another climax ; and instead living the anticlimactic life. And what a dull life we would have experienced by then.


dark side of the Light

Mei 5, 2009

A friend of mine once sent me an article about conversations between a professor and his student. The details were not that interesting for me, except a single statement that mentioned how good and evil were interconnected. It was like the relation between dark and light. As you may think that darkness is the opposite of light, it isn’t — so he said. It is the absence of light. Just like cold is the absence of heat, not the opposite of it.

In a world where people blame each other for being bad, we sometimes forget that nobody’s perfect. So as our norm tries to dichotomize everything — heaven and hell, virtue and sin, angel and demon, good and evil…we forget that there are infinite states between them, of which we — if by any means could be parameterized — are scattered inside the lines.

So in the single dimension of righteousness, the dark side of the light is just an ameliorated phrase of imperfection, in which we agree to be entitled with. Instead of hating the darkness, we might as well focusing on the intensity of light. Pure virtue is something we could never have, albeit dream of. What makes a human being a special creature is not his perfectness, but how his imperfection drives him to be the wise of all beings, the Homo sapiens.


speak good broken english

Januari 23, 2009

(dari milis tetangga…hahaha)

Don’t Judge a book by the Cover

Jangan menghukum buku karena dia meninggalkan koper

Like father like son

Suka bapaknya, suka juga sama anaknya

The beauty is under the skin

Jadi cakep kalo udah ganti kulit

Just bee Yourself

Kesengat tawon, itulah kamu (muka kamu)

The truth is out there

Yang bener boleh keluar

The right man in the wrong place

orang di sebelah kanan, salah tempat (harusnya di kiri)

Love is blind

pacarilah orang buta


la vita e bella

Januari 23, 2009

with two slices of ‘kue lapis’ (not mine) and two pieces of ‘pisang molen’ (also not mine) and the song ‘Don’t know why’ by David Benoit and all the anxieties I dump in my head, I am trying to refill my blog i’ve once left . it’s all of because that silly facebook thingy…damn.

Anywho, smooth jazz (if  it not make you sleepy) will surely raise the melancholistic side of you, dramatize the effect of problems..don’t know why.

Don’t know why either, i got trapped in this corner of life right now. Though i sometimes hoped to be here, i never expected that the tides were so strong, and could drag me this far, no matter how much i tried to resist.

so here I am, with so many things in front of me i tried to left behind (paradoxical isn’t it ?), waiting for some crazed miracle, if any, to make me move on..

and then again, c’est la vie. problem was the one that made human evolve in so many way they could..to be the star of mrs.mother earth’s precious children.Thank God, mine is not as huge as hitler’s. i would have took the pills halfway of his life if i were him.

you know what, life is beautiful — if you see it with the right perspective. So go on, change the glasses..and be thankful !


kekuatan berpikir positif

Desember 13, 2008

percaya sama kekuatan berpikir positif ?
untuk beberapa hal, saya percaya….

“(harga) BBM, ayo turun….turun….turun !!!”

and so it has — Q.E.F


berkeringat (tanpa) harus berkeringat

Desember 5, 2008

Saya melihat orang-orang yang mengalami begitu banyak pengalaman, semua pahit-getir perjuangan untuk sekadar bertahan dan eksis dalam komunitas yang harus saling menyikut untuk bisa hidup. Saya menghargai itu…Saya menghargai orang-orang yang mengerti pentingnya semangat-pantang-mundur karena kesuksesannya dibangun dari langkah demi langkah kegagalan..Saya menghargai orang-orang yang mau berjuang untuk orang lain karena dalam hidupnya ia merasakan betapa pedihnya harus berjuang sendiri. Saya menghargai orang-orang yang menyaksikan dengan mata-kepalanya sendiri bahwa hidup itu berat, tapi tak pernah menyerah karena tidak ada alasan untuk itu.

Tapi ada saatnya, kamu ngga perlu mati untuk tahu bahwa hidup itu berharga khan ?

Di dunia ini bertabur banyak sekali pelajaran hidup. Dunia adalah lembaran-lembaran buku filsafat kehidupan….ya, dan kadang satu-dua orang literally menuliskan pelajaran itu dalam lembaran buku. Kamu bisa belajar dari pelajaran dunia saat ini — kemarin — atau 20 tahun lalu, sebagaimana bapakmu biasa bercerita ;  tentang dari dirimu sendiri, keluargamu, lingkungan terdekatmu, atau masyarakat…..

Atau, kamu bisa belajar dari hidup 2000 tahun silam, tentang semua pelajaran di seluruh dunia. Kamu bisa belajar dari jejak-jejak hidup masa lalu, dalam Agama, Filsafat, atau Norma-norma budaya.

Filsafat ngga bikin kamu gila, karena mereka yang gila karena filsafat berarti bodoh..

Agama, juga ngga bikin kamu menderita, karena mereka yang menderita karena agama berarti belum memahami itu sepenuhnya.

Filsafat, Agama, Nilai, adalah pilihan bagi manusia untuk membangun sudut pandang yang tepat (kalau bukan benar) baginya tentang hidup. Mereka membuatmu menghargai kehidupan tanpa harus bergelut dengannya. Mereka membuatmu mencintai alam ini tanpa harus menjelajahinya sudut demi sudut. Mereka membuatmu, – dalam istilah saya – berkeringat tanpa harus berkeringat.