bad day starts from a bad mind

Agustus 7, 2007

do you believe in such thing as “bad day”?

I used to think so. I don’t know, sometime every bad — undesired — things happened to us straight in one day, or week, makes us think that,  ‘yeah, i’m having a bad day alright..‘ You know, you wake yourself up in a bad mood, you late for work, your car/bike broke down,  you lose your wallet, somebody stole your money….and black coffee spill on your newly bought shirt..suck isn’t it? Well, what if…. they were happen in a day ?

You will forget the word ‘coincidence’ and start to think that maybe..just maybe, God is picking on you today, just to make your life a little bit ‘meaningful’. That, if you have an optimistic point of view..but if you don’t, you’ll probably end up regreting you’ve ever live in this life.

But you know what I usually do in this kind of situation ?

I wash my face, and take out a piece of paper and a pen — up until I knew this thing called computer.  And I write every little things that is making me feel bad. And then this feeling will start disappearing. And the next thing that stuck in my mind is the smaller good things I haven’t realized yet..about my friends that tried to cheer me up, about my very kind neighbour that smiled at me that morning, or maybe the thought that I am still alive and healthy right now.

And I know now. You know, it’s not the day that makes you feel bad..or it’s not God you should blame to for all the things that got in to you..

It’s normal to see everything bad whenever you’ve faced bad things straight in a day. But that kind of view will certainly make everything worse. I guarantee, if you keep those mindset a little longer, you will probably just have to wait for another bad things to come…

You know, just like Bobby MacFerrin used to say :

“in every life you have some trouble, but when you worry you’ll make it double..”

So..just stop thinking about all the bad things..don’t worry, just be happy ! 🙂


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