it’s me again

Agustus 7, 2007

I’ve finally realized why i’ve stopped writing for almost a year. This is the train of thoughts :

1. I didn’t have a computer…well, I’ve had a computer since six month ago, and it didn’t make me start writing.

2. I didn’t have an open access to the internet. But it has been a year since I reentered this school, and it still, didn’t encourage me to write.

3. Or maybe I was too busy doing the things I have to do…hoho, what I was so busy about anyway ?!

Nope..I think the problem was because I didn’t have the motivation to write..or at least the resistances were too big to handle. I thought that either I wrote a good story, or I didn’t write any.

But after I give it a lot of thinking, this question tickles me : What so hard about writing anyway …? You just have to spill all your thought to this piece of keyboard, and ..alakazam !!! you have yourself a bunch of lines of stories.

There..I rest my case. Right now, instead of wondering around doing nothing,  I am going to reorganize my thoughts into these lines of scattered words…and just throw ’em out to the web and see whether I understand any of ’em or not.

Hmm, It’s not so hard to do, is it ?


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