the largest…

Agustus 8, 2007

itb lib2itb lib

Let me introduce you to the world’s largest toilet. It is about 10 meters high, with a width of about 100 x 100 m2. As you can see, the wall is made from a bathroom floor tiles, and it surely looks like a huge bathroom to me. A friend of mine once said that when the architect built this place, he never thought that it was going to be dirty and slimy someday and had to be cleaned up. You will never find in the whole planet, a toilet this big that it can hold thousands of people without worrying how much mess they will make to the place………hehe, just kidding.

Well, I’m sorry I lied. But as bad as it looks, it contains the world’s greatest treasures of all time. What you see here is ITB Centre Library. If you ever take a look inside, you can see the differences between the inner scenery and the outside look. It is filled with complete books of all time – from science, techniques, to novels and popular books -, full access of internet (with a good PCs too), friendly services, and very cozy sphere. No wonder I never get bored visiting it…you know, to get some nice quiet sleep !


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