dark side of the Light

Mei 5, 2009

A friend of mine once sent me an article about conversations between a professor and his student. The details were not that interesting for me, except a single statement that mentioned how good and evil were interconnected. It was like the relation between dark and light. As you may think that darkness is the opposite of light, it isn’t — so he said. It is the absence of light. Just like cold is the absence of heat, not the opposite of it.

In a world where people blame each other for being bad, we sometimes forget that nobody’s perfect. So as our norm tries to dichotomize everything — heaven and hell, virtue and sin, angel and demon, good and evil…we forget that there are infinite states between them, of which we — if by any means could be parameterized — are scattered inside the lines.

So in the single dimension of righteousness, the dark side of the light is just an ameliorated phrase of imperfection, in which we agree to be entitled with. Instead of hating the darkness, we might as well focusing on the intensity of light. Pure virtue is something we could never have, albeit dream of. What makes a human being a special creature is not his perfectness, but how his imperfection drives him to be the wise of all beings, the Homo sapiens.


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  1. rakhmi ramdhani likes this.. 🙂

    -jiga di fesbuk wae-

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