in the anticlimactic life

Juni 3, 2009

Loads of Harry Potter fans, including myself at the moment, were hoping for another story after the seventh book, a kind of alternate version of Potter in the future.. we  surely missed them — Harry, Hermione, Ron, D-army..

But then I realized that it can never be made. It would have been lame to read the next book, if there were such a thing, cause then it would be anticlimactic.

A lot of TV series were great movies at first, but they became dull after their 100th-episode because the makers just didn’t know when to stop..and continued the story even after the climax.  The ambition to succeed more and more, has made them forget sometimes in the state they were in at that time.

And it is – more or less – similar to this real day-to-day story of ours.

We often pass certain peaks in life, and due to greediness  we forget to stop — just for a while to reach another climax ; and instead living the anticlimactic life. And what a dull life we would have experienced by then.


3 komentar

  1. tapi masih bakal ada house md season selanjutnya!!!!!! harus!!!!

  2. Waah, om yang satu ini ternyata punya blog juga, tema keseluruhan mirip sama blog saya pula, ada jejak-jejaknya, hoho. Sip, share ya kang, saling visit, oce? Disini kang:


  3. hahaha…tapi udah lama pisun ga diisi..sip lah, saling berkunjung ya..

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